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 Camp Nurse 

The nurse works to provide first aid care for campers and staff, overseeing the administration of medications to campers and staff, coordinating visits to a physician when needed, monitoring health and cleanliness standards, organizing paper work and maintaining file organization. Work with the summer camp director and various staff, help provide adequate physical health conditions for all, and assist staff with tasks as necessary. RESET will cover out-of-town staff overnight stay in NOLA (3 nights only), meals, and other general staff expenses. Specific requirements and responsibilities are as follows:

Camp Nurses will meet these minimum requirements:​

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree

  • Medical background

  • Pediatric or camp experience a plus

  • Ability to manage health forms and paperwork

  • Hard-working, enthusiastic and committed to the safety and well-being of campers

  • Adaptable and comfortable living in a camp setting and interacting positively with other camp staff.

  • Good communicator with campers, staff and parents.

  • Friendly and energetic

  • Ability to originate, update, and/or monitor healthcare, maintain records, implement a health plan

  • Ability to make decisions and take initiative

  • Ability to observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp

  • Ability to keep neat and orderly records

  • Ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.

  • Ability to read prescriptions and heath exams for the nurse practitioner or camp consulting pediatrician

  • Worship Team
    The Worship Team (click for description) will lead an impactful praise and worship experience that aligns with scripture, our mission and the camp theme. If you are a first time worship team applicant, after submitting a staff application, you are required to submit a 2 - 5 minute video of you singing and/or playing your instrument. Video clips should be emailed to with the subject line “Worship Team - Demo.” Returning worship team members are required to submit a staff application, but are not required to submit a video.
  • Village Leader
    Village Leaders (click for description) are the pulse to RESET Camp. They will work directly with campers through teaching and leading small groups. Tech Team* The Tech Team is responsible for operating tech needs at camp, and ensuring that proper tech management and preparation before sessions has taken place. Recreation Manager* The Recreation Manager is responsible for providing creative ideas and input for indoor and outdoor recreation activities and special events, as well as leading specific activities. *One member of the Tech Team will also serve as a Village Leader
  • Media Team
    The Media Team (click for description) will record and capture the camp experience using video and still photography, as well as create exciting, attractive content that inspires campers, leaders, and prospective guests. The team will be comprised of the Media Team Lead, 2 Team Members (video / photography), and Social Media Manager. If you are a Media Team applicant, after submitting a staff application, you are required to submit a brief portfolio of your work (i.e. still photography, video production) that displays your skills. Portfolios should be emailed to with the subject line “Media Team - Portfolio.”
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