RESET is a nonprofit organization created to push the boundaries of traditional discipleship methods to better reach inner city students and leaders.


Our vision is for students and leaders to build relationships with each other, connect with Christ, and cultivate their influence in their local church and community.


RESET hosts an annual summer camp for middle & high school students and their leaders. Although the primary target is the Gulf South region, its reach has far exceeded that. The purpose of the camp is twofold: guide students in growing their faith and developing their spiritual talents and gifts & educate youth group leaders on how to connect students to the Body of Christ.


Students and youth ministry leaders are able to participate in corporate worship, devotions, recreation, creative arts, and more.




Chip currently serves as the Senior Associate Pastor at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church (New Orleans). He has worked in ministry for over a decade, which include serving as a Youth Pastor at Concord Church (Dallas) and FABC, and Campus Pastor for Idlewild in Sulphur Springs (Tampa). Chip has spoken at camps and conferences across the country, including Conclave, Falls Creek Camp, and FUGE Camp. He resides in his hometown New Orleans with his wife Jasmine, and their two kids, Drew and Zoe. 


Dudley is a New Orleans native and a founding member of RESET. His role includes overseeing all camp logistics and managing the organization's annual projects. He has more than 15 years of experience working with students and youth-led organizations.  In addition to his role at RESET,  he serves as the Director of Facility Operations for the New Orleans public school district. He received his bachelors in communications from Xavier University of LA, his MBA from LSU-S, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in educational management at Hampton University.


Alyson was born and raised in New Orleans and is a founding member of RESET. She has served in youth ministry for over 8 years. Her duties include recruiting camp staff, managing staff logistics, and making sure that they are equipped to serve. She is always seeking ways to exercise her spiritual gift in hospitality. Aly is a student at N.O. Baptist Theological Seminary studying for her bachelor's in Christian ministry. She worked in the customer service industry for ten years before her role as the Young Adult Women's Zone Pastor at Celebration Church.


Sherronda is a Georgia native with over 8 years of service in youth ministry. She  is a founding member of RESET.  As Program Manager, she oversees camp activities, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. In addition to her role at RESET, Sherronda is a Licensed Master Social Worker who serves students and their families through her own practice. She resides in Orlando with her husband Xavier.



During Summer 2014, the founder of RESET Camp, Pastor Chip Luter, III, had a vision to offer an alternative to traditional summer camps.  As a youth pastor, he attended various camps around the country bi-annually. He found that there was a need, specifically in the Gulf South Region, to provide an engaging and relevant camp experience for students and youth leaders within inner city groups.  In response to that need, Chip and Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, along with several young ministry volunteers, partnered with Pastor Jeff Wallace and Peace Baptist Church in Atlanta to launch RESET Camp. In June 2015, RESET hosted its first camp in Talladega, AL. More than 25 youth ministry leaders, 100 students ranging from 6th - 12th grade and 30 volunteers participated.


Since then, the camp has garnered attention from students, ministry leaders, and youth groups across the nation and hosts its annual summer camp for students and leaders from around the country. RESET continues its mission by serving inner-city churches, community groups, students, youth ministries and volunteers year-round. 


The Bible

The Bible is God’s Word written by men through impression of the Holy Spirit. It is entirely inspired, infallible, and inerrant. God’s Word teaches us everything we need to know about God, His creation, His character, His history with mankind, the redemption of man through Christ, and His future plan to return to establish His kingdom on earth. We, RESET Ministries, firmly believe that our teens and preteens need the Bible as their spiritual foundation to build their lives upon. For this reason, we will equip students and their leaders to know the Word of God and its application to their daily lives.


When God created the world, He created everything to function like it should, but He made mankind different by giving humans free will. Sin entered the world through the enemy deceiving Adam and Eve who disobeyed God’s direct commands. Sin created a chasm between God and mankind. The consequence for sin is brokenness, hurt, destruction, and ultimately death both physically and spiritually. The solution God provided for this problem was sending Jesus Christ to pay the price no earthly man could pay. Christ’s death on the cross became the ultimate payment to free man from his sins, so man could be reconciled to God. When man accepts Christ into his heart, he is immediately cleansed of his sins, he or she gradually grows in order to overcome the power of sin, and ultimately in heaven they will be free from the presence and power of sin. With RESET, we want to make it possible for teenagers to meet Jesus, accept Him into their hearts, and share Him with everyone in their sphere of influence.

The Church

The Church is the body of believers filled with the Holy Spirit who represents the work of God locally, nationally, and globally. Just as Jesus serves as a bridge from man to God, the Church is the bridge from man to Jesus. The Church is the earthly embassy representing heaven. In the Church, believers come to know Christ, grow in community, live out the Great Commission and demonstrate the Great Commandment as a local body. With RESET, we want to uplift the local church. We value the leaders of these churches and community groups that disciple students to continue to advance to the kingdom through their local context.

God and the Trinity

God is the creator and sustainer of everything and everyone that exists. God exists in three distinct persons, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. All three are distinct, yet without division. God, The Father has no beginning or ending. He has always existed, and he will exist forever in eternity. Because God is eternal, His character and attributes are as well. Man will never come to place where he has figured out all about God because God is infinite. Jesus Christ, The Son, is also eternal. He is God who came to earth as the visible, physical form of the invisible God. He come to earth, lived among man, and fulfilled God’s plan to reconcile the world through Himself. Through His death and resurrection, man can have access to God through a relationship with Jesus. Christ not only came to die, but He also lived a sinless life as an example to all of His disciples in order that they may imitate Him. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God that is at work in every person who has accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Spirit is the living presence of God inside of believers that equips through the understanding of the word of God as well as empower believers to overcome sin. The Spirit also convicts believers of sin, counsels in times when wisdom is needed, comforts in trials and tribulations, and gives confidence in assurance of salvation. With RESET our hope is for teenagers to personally know the totality of God. The more they grow to know God deeper, the more they look like Him, and the more impact they make in others lives.


Our value structure is reflective of our camp villages: