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camp ambassador!

Here, you'll find all the resources you need to help us promote camp. Please do not share this page. If anyone is interested in learning more about RESET, please direct them to our website,, or have them email


  • Be Appropriate - You are not only representing RESET, but you are also representing Christ. Please conduct yourself appropriately at all times. This includes social media activity and personal choices, privately and publicly.

  • Be prepared - Make sure you can be clear and concise when you're discussing camp. Use the quick facts below for reference.

  • High energy - People will only be excited as you are. Give them a taste of what they can expect at RESET (without scaring them).

  • Don't Overtalk - Do not make any promises to prospective campers. You should only share general information. If they have any specific questions that you cannot answer, please have them reach out to us.

  • Seek Opportunities - Look for local events that will allow you to promote RESET, whether it be at local churches or community centers. Make connections with local pastors, especially youth ministers and youth group leaders.

  • Recruit Campers, Not staff - We want to focus on recruiting attendees. The lead team will manage the staffing. If you would like to recommend someone, have them apply when staff applications open.

  • Share your RESET testimony - The best way to get people to buy in is to share how RESET has impacted your life. Share your experience with them and let them know how it can benefit them, too!

    It's also important to understand that being a camp ambassador does NOT indicate you being on camp staff, nor does it guarantee placement on camp staff for the following year. Everyone must still go through the staff application process and meet the requirements.


When: June 22 - 25, 2018

Where: Shocco Springs - Talladega, AL

For who: 6th - 12th graders and youth group leaders (generally based on grade completed, but incoming 6th graders and recent h.s. grads are welcomed)

Cost: $249 (early bird rate til Dec. 31) $265 (Jan 1 - March 31) $275 (April 1 - April 30) last day to register is April 30.

Where to register:

Purpose of camp:

GUIDE students in growing their faith and developing their spiritual talents and gifts

EDUCATE youth group leaders on how to connect students to the Body of Christ


You can use trigger words like "relevant" and "intentional" when describing the experience at camp.


DOWNLOAD Recruitment resources for RESET Camp 2018

Package Includes:

  • 2018 flyer (can be emailed to prospects)

  • Sign up sheet (The sign up sheet is for group leaders to gauge who's interested. This sheet does not serve as registration.)

  • General Camp Info (This is for group leaders to share with students / leaders. They can input important dates and their own costs)

  • Brochure (General info about the organization and our purpose)

  • Video Link (Camp video that leaders can show students)

We appreciate you volunteering to help spread the word about camp. Here are some incentives to show our appreciation!

  • GOAL: Meet with at least 5 churches and get contact info for RESET to follow up
    REWARD: A social media/website shout-out!

  • GOAL: Recruit ONE church/group (i.e. the group registers and attends camp)
    REWARD: A social media/website shout-out, $5 gift card, AND a RESET water bottle or mug

  • GOAL: Recruit TWO churches/groups
    : A social media/website shout-out, $5 gift card, a RESET water bottle or mug, AND a RESET t-shirt

  • GOAL: Recruit THREE or more churches/groups
    : A social media/website shout-out, $5 gift card, a RESET water bottle or mug, a RESET t-shirt, AND a RESET sweatshirt

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