How to raise support

We understand that raising support can feel intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! There are several pathways you can take to help you reach your goal. Here are a few techniques that we have found to be successful:

This is probably the most common way to raise support - getting people close to you involved in what you're doing. Sharing your summer mission plans with your circle is not only a way to get them to invest, but it's also an opportunity for you to minister to others about why serving at a youth camp is so important. For example: if you find 15 family members and friends to make a $23 contribution to your summer mission, you will surpass your goal!

Your pastor or ministry leader may be open to helping you get to camp. Remember, you are an extension of you Christ and your church when you are out serving beyond the four walls of the church. Don't be afraid to ask for an opportunity to share what you're doing in front of members and leaders. There may be some people who not only want to contribute, but also ask you about other ways they can help! You are going to be in a space that they may not reach, but they may still have an impact through you!

Ideas to get your church involved:

- Ask to be speak at ministry meetings

- Church bulletin / announcements

- Meet with your pastor

- Consult with the missions leader at your church

Once you are selected to serve on staff, we will provide a support letter template that you will be able to share with whomever you choose: family, friends, your pastor, co-workers, local businesses, etc. The support letter will give some details about RESET, what your role will be, and what impact they will make by supporting you. You can even customize it to share a bit of your testimony, especially if you have served at RESET before. When you give your support letter to someone, you can even encourage them to share it with a friend! The more people who are on board, the closer you'll get to reaching your goal!

Social media is a powerful tool, especially when we use it correctly. So many people have become a part of the RESET family as campers, staff members, and donors just by way of social media. Sharing with your social connections can help others get connected with what you're doing, and allow them to spread the word on their personal pages, too! If you've served on camp staff before, you can even share pictures to accompany your story.

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